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My stunner lady

My stunner lady

Author: Fu Cuihua

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 My stunner lady 》

The present Jun Xiaomo was still not able to kill a person without leaving any traces. If the Sect discovered that she was the culprit guilty of killing her own fellow disciple, then the outcome would be highly undesirable to say the least.

“It’s nothing.” Jun Xiaomo lowered her head, obfuscating the tears in her eyes.

Following which, she grinned and left the store jauntily. Qin Shanshan could only stare at her back as she left.

Introduction: 《 My stunner lady 》

After completing her preparations, Jun Xiaomo weakly slid back down onto the floor, completely drenched in her own perspiration. Agony was written all over her face, yet her eyes shone with fierce determination.

Jun Xiaomo contemplated for a moment, and then grimly said, “The things that I’m unhappy about – aren’t you well aware of them?”

Behind her shimmering, tear-filled eyes, Jun Xiaomo’s gaze carried with it a deep and fierce determination.

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