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Peasant daughter-in-law

Peasant daughter-in-law

Author: Rao Peiqin

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Peasant daughter-in-law 》

Save for people who possessed a demonic body, the people who could automatically absorb demonic energy were few and far between. Some people are naturally born with demonic bodies, and fated to become demonic cultivators; while others acquire a demonic body later on in their life.

Yet even so, such madness was also a trait of demonic cultivators. They were outrageously capricious, filled with bravado, and they always seem to exude an aura of cruel fanaticism and madness. In fact, this type of madness is so deeply etched into the core and souls of these demonic cultivators that even if they are reborn ten times, they would still be unable to change this identity of theirs.

If Jun Xiaomo were still here, she would surely have recognized this man as the one whom she had been chasing after in the first place – Ye Xiuwen.

Introduction: 《 Peasant daughter-in-law 》

Qin Shanshan thought that Jun Xiaomo had finally relented and bought that hairpin for her to ease the tension. She began to deliberate in her heart how she would make life difficult for Jun Xiaomo. Who told her to bring it upon herself?!

“Hehe…what are you trying to do?” Jun Xiaomo invoked the residual spiritual energy within her body, firmly pressing her blood-stained palm to the floor.

Consequently, she found an anomaly – her body was actually absorbing demonic energy?!

《 Peasant daughter-in-law 》latest chapter

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