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Xuan Yue Meng Ying

Xuan Yue Meng Ying

Author: Dougui

category: campus

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Xuan Yue Meng Ying 》

“Mum, I’m fine. Let’s have martial uncle He examine me for a moment.” Suppressing the roiling hatred within her, Jun Xiaomo shook of the tension in her head and relaxed her body. As she slowly opened her eyes again, she seemed to have reverted to that simple, na?ve and ignorant sixteen years-old girl who respectfully and innocently addressed He Zhang as martial uncle.

While Yu Wanrou carefully analyzed the incident which took place before she fell unconscious, she realized that certain parts of her memory seemed to have been blurred out. No matter how hard she tried, she could not recall certain details about the incident.

Introduction: 《 Xuan Yue Meng Ying 》

He…Zhang! The hypocrite who ravaged my mother like a primal beast! I killed you once in my past life. Don’t you dare think for one moment that I will spare you in this life!

Jun Xiaomo almost couldn’t hide the killing intent swelling from depths of her heart!

《 Xuan Yue Meng Ying 》latest chapter

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