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Meng Yinjun

Meng Yinjun

Author: Gongliang Silver

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Meng Yinjun 》

Jun Xiaomo had not physically assaulted Qin Shanshan, yet Qin Shanshan’s felt as though she had just been slapped on the face. She was so furious that she wanted to just tear that mouth in front of her into pieces!

I will…I definitely will report this incident to my brother. Then, Jun Xiaomo can come back crying and begging me for forgiveness. Qin Shanshan hardened her heart.

Jun Xiaomo eyes flashed with a chilling glow. Instantly, a palm thrusted out towards Yu Wanrou and hit her squarely on her chest. The impact from that blow caused Yu Wanrou to fly back, slamming into a tree. A spurt of blood sprayed from her mouth, and Yu Wanrou went unconscious.

Introduction: 《 Meng Yinjun 》

Qin Shanshan shuddered, unconsciously taking a few steps back. The present aura around Jun Xiaomo made her seem very dangerous.

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Yes, the energy Jun Xiaomo now operated was demonic energy, not spiritual energy. Even though her body still contained both spiritual and demonic energy, her body had already become a fully-fledged demonic body five days ago. Therefore, spiritual energy was no longer useful to her.

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