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Data Tennis Master

Data Tennis Master

Author: Zhuge Shipeng

category: other

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Data Tennis Master 》

Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled, evoking a cold smile as she said slowly, “Qin Shanshan, tell me. If you don’t have any mid-grade spirit stones, how do you intend to buy this hairpin, huh?”

“Mum, am I dead?” Jun Xiaomo asked with a bitter smile on her lips. No matter what, having had the opportunity to see her mother one last time before being reincarnated, Jun Xiaomo was very satisfied.

In order to conceal their true objective of seizing Heavenly Peak’s bountiful resources and treasures, these “righteous” and “upstanding” sects went out of their way to paint Jun Xiaomo as a murderous, evil-doing demonic cultivator! Even though Jun Xiaomo had in fact not even left Heavenly Peak for three whole years, these schemers were still able to frame her and implicate her with crimes she never did!

Introduction: 《 Data Tennis Master 》

Qin Shanshan thought this in her heart, but she dared not express it. Jun Xiaomo’s present gaze was too terrifying. It was as though the coldness in her gaze penetrated her body, sending chills straight to her soul.

As the demonic energy within Jun Xiaomo’s body charged around violently, Jun Xiaomo raised her right hand and channeled all of the demonic energy through her meridians into her palm.


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