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Fantasy Ranking

Fantasy Ranking

Author: Pi Gengwu

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Fantasy Ranking 》

Jun Xiaomo’s tears completely drenched Liu Qingmei’s clothes. Her daughter seemed to have grown up overnight, and her whole being seemed to be shrouded with a kind of grief.

“Big brother He, Mo-Mo’s injuries seem to have worsened.” Liu Qingmei said with concern, tacitly pleading for help. Her husband was after all in closed-door cultivation, while the Sect Elders were still furious about Jun Xiaomo’s entry into the Sect’s forbidden grounds. The only other person which Liu Qingmei could rely on for help was martial brother He Zhang, who had always been looking out for her.

Liu Qingmei’s heart sank again. She tucked Jun Xiaomo into bed carefully, saying, “Alright. Don’t be afraid, Mo-Mo. Mum is here with you.”

Introduction: 《 Fantasy Ranking 》

“Mum…” Jun Xiaomo immediately recognized this voice which was buried in the depths of her memory. Two streaks of tears promptly gushed out of her tightly shut eyes, flowing into her hair.

Following which, she grinned and left the store jauntily. Qin Shanshan could only stare at her back as she left.

“Sister Xiaomo, do you think it looks nice?” Qin Shanshan turned around and asked Jun Xiaomo.

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