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The heroine crosses abo

The heroine crosses abo

Author: Dongmen Furong

category: Schoolgirl

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 The heroine crosses abo 》

She should have known. After all, that person had not come to save her after such a long time…


Her mother would get upset if she left the Sect for too long. The Jun Xiaomo today paid great attention to the feelings of her loved ones.

Introduction: 《 The heroine crosses abo 》

It was still the same person with the same features; yet Qin Shanshan felt that something seemed to be different about Jun Xiaomo.

He Zhang retrieved a jade bottle from his apparel, offered it to Liu Qingmei and said, “I happened to obtain this bottle of Sagely Recovery Pills. Give Mo-Mo one pill a day. These are very effective for repairing and restoring meridians.”

Demonic energy was by nature not as gentle as spiritual energy. When Jun Xiaomo embarked on her journey of demonic cultivation, she knew full well that the path ahead would be fraught with trials and tribulations. Yet, Jun Xiaomo was absolutely prepared to ensure such hardship.

《 The heroine crosses abo 》latest chapter

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