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I robbed the devil

I robbed the devil

Author: Guo Yi

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 I robbed the devil 》

If other people were present, they would surely be given the impression that Jun Xiaomo was bullying Yu Wanrou. In truth, Jun Xiaomo had not even said a single thing.

“Haack--!” A crimson jet of blood spurted from Jun Xiaomo’s mouth. An acute wave of pain swept through Jun Xiaomo’s meridians, spreading through her limbs and penetrating her bones and marrows. The throbbing pain shot straight into her head, causing her to black out momentarily, almost collapsing on the floor. Fortunately, Jun Xiaomo managed to hang in there.

Liu Qingmei noticed Jun Xiaomo’s intentions, and lifted her tender hands to her cheek, saying “Dear…Mum is here.”

Introduction: 《 I robbed the devil 》

Jun Xiaomo was not flustered at all. She converged her spiritual energy around her Dantian, swirling them around ever so slowly and carefully, like a hunter seeking out a prey.

She panicked and was gripped by a sense of abject fear. She did not want to die!

“It’s that serious?!” Liu Qingmei’s heart sank heavily. She looked over at Jun Xiaomo with anxiousness and worry in her eyes.

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