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Korean entertainment heroine

Korean entertainment heroine

Author: Zhuan Sun Ruina

category: other

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Korean entertainment heroine 》

“Sister Xiaomo, have you also taken a fancy to this Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin?” Qin Shanshan reached her hand out, intending to take the Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin from Jun Xiaomo. Qin Shanshan’s actions here were fluent and natural, and seemed almost habitual. After all, she had on numerous instances taken things from Jun Xiaomo without asking, while the former Jun Xiaomo never found it unnatural. But now…

Because of how she had served on Qin Shanshan a little bit of her just desserts, Jun Xiaomo’s journey back to the Sect was filled with joy and elation. She accounted for the pills and medicine in her Interspatial Ring, ensuring that she was well prepared, before hastening her steps.

Introduction: 《 Korean entertainment heroine 》

The present Yu Wanrou was still a largely insignificant female cultivator in the Sect. Whether it was her talent or her background, she was nothing compared to Jun Xiaomo. Therefore, she was always careful with every step that she took, particularly when it came to Jun Xiaomo.

A bloody taste welled up at the tip of Jun Xiaomo’s tongue. This smell was extremely pungent, yet it was the same familiar smell which had accompanied her in the three hundred or more days which she had been held captive in the dark and dank dungeon.

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