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Zhang Boyuan

Zhang Boyuan

Author: Vinegar water grid

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Zhang Boyuan 》

The words “Jun Xiaomo” were synonymous with “terrifying”, “bloodthirsty” and “Lady Demoness”, causing people to instinctually retreat in fear, while “Yu Wanrou” would be the exact converse. Almost all the male cultivators were willing to throw themselves at Yu Wanrou with the hope of becoming her partner.

“Mum~~” Jun Xiaomo buried her head into Liu Qingmei’s shoulders, clutching onto her clothes tightly.

Introduction: 《 Zhang Boyuan 》

“This…what formation array is this? No, your spiritual root has clearly already been crippled. How can you even activate the formation array?”

“Ah--! You’ve bit your lips! Is it painful?” Liu Qingmei call jolted Jun Xiaomo back to her senses, incidentally rescuing her lower lips from the vice-like grip between her teeth. Jun Xiaomo’s lower lips were left with a deep impression of teeth marks.

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