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Baby Yaya crossing the heroine

Baby Yaya crossing the heroine

Author: Ximen Xingtao

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Baby Yaya crossing the heroine 》

Yu Wanrou had not only enticed her brother away, she had even snatched away the man that she loved! Not to mention, Yu Wanrou already had so many suitors to begin with! Truth be told, compared with Jun Xiaomo, Qin Shanshan hated Yu Wanrou even more. However, because Yu Wanrou had surrounded herself with many formidable suitors, Qin Shanshan was unable to exact any form of revenge against her.

Jun Xiaomo had not planned to walk down the path of demonic cultivation again in this present life. Her previous life experiences were sufficient to pave a way for an extremely smooth spirit cultivation. That is why she saw no need to risk her life pursuing the ways of demonic cultivation. However, life had already determined otherwise. At the young age of sixteen years, Jun Xiaomo’s body had already been pervaded with demonic energy.

Introduction: 《 Baby Yaya crossing the heroine 》

How ironic. In her past life, even though she devoted much of her entire life searching far and wide for the root cause of her body’s transformation to a demonic body, she never came close to solving this mystery. Yet in her present life, she had solved this unanswered mystery in just a few moments.

She hated! She hated all of Qin Lingyu’s actions. But above all, she hated herself for not being discerning enough of the true nature of people and letting a wolf in sheep’s clothing gain a foothold in her household, resulting in the complete annihilation of her family and the entire Peak!

《 Baby Yaya crossing the heroine 》latest chapter

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