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The heroine is a novel by Koi Yun

The heroine is a novel by Koi Yun

Author: Zhang Jia Chuyao

category: Martial arts

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 The heroine is a novel by Koi Yun 》

“Why! Why her!” Jun Xiaomo lamented. She would not mind if anybody else had married Qin Lingyu; it just cannot be Yu Wanrou! “She killed our child!” Jun Xiaomo bemoaned, clenching her fists so hard that her bony fingers left deep depressions in her palm.

In order to conceal their true objective of seizing Heavenly Peak’s bountiful resources and treasures, these “righteous” and “upstanding” sects went out of their way to paint Jun Xiaomo as a murderous, evil-doing demonic cultivator! Even though Jun Xiaomo had in fact not even left Heavenly Peak for three whole years, these schemers were still able to frame her and implicate her with crimes she never did!

“Mo-Mo, don’t scare your mother like that. Hurry up and wake up alright?” Liu Qingmei was well-reputed to be a strong and courageous lady. Yet faced with her daughter’s serious injuries, she was unable to keep herself calm and composed. The tears she shed over these past few days far outnumbered the tears she had shed over the past year combined! To make matters worse, her husband had entered closed-door cultivation, and she could only forcefully bear the frustration and pain in her heart alone.

Introduction: 《 The heroine is a novel by Koi Yun 》

He Zhang felt that the interactions of this mother-daughter duo were rather irksome. Seeing how Liu Qingmei was fawning over her daughter, she had clearly relegated him to the back of her mind. Evidently, he was not going to get any more of Liu Qingmei’s attention that he so desired.

Forget it, these people will eventually show their true faces. As long as these people made an attempt at the lives of her loved ones, she would not let a single one of them off! A wave of boiling hatred surged within Jun Xiaomo’s heart, but she quickly repressed it.

Jun Xiaomo was still fully immersed in the moment of death where her life force was torn from her body at the dungeon. She had thought that the formation array was incomplete, and she was simply waiting for death’s arrival. However, the cool, otherworldly sensation on her hand suggested to her that things were not as they seemed.

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