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The golden age of basketball

The golden age of basketball

Author: Gongxi Hongxiang

category: Fantasy

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 The golden age of basketball 》

It was only at this instance that Jun Xiaomo caught herself brooding over the hateful matters of her previous life.

She was not a weak person. Otherwise, when faced with the destruction of her Peak, the annihilation of her family and the persecution of several upstanding sects, how could she have made a name for herself as the intimidating, one and only Lady Demoness? She was ruthless to others, and even more ruthless to herself!

Jun Xiaomo’s grin gradually blossomed into a wide smile – it must never have occurred to these schemers that there was in existence a refinement technique that enabled the conversion between demonic energy and spiritual energy!

Introduction: 《 The golden age of basketball 》


How many years has it been since she had last heard her mother’s tender call to her? She must finally be dead right now. Otherwise, how could she once again see her father and mother?

“Hey dear...Mo-Mo, where does it hurt? Tell Mum, alright?” The beautiful lady sat beside the bed watched her daughter. Her eyes were filled with pain and heartache that only mothers know of. She tenderly and patiently wiped off the sweat on Jun Xiaomo’s body with her handkerchief.

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