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Coquettish lady boss

Coquettish lady boss

Author: Xianyu established

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Coquettish lady boss 》

Yes, the energy Jun Xiaomo now operated was demonic energy, not spiritual energy. Even though her body still contained both spiritual and demonic energy, her body had already become a fully-fledged demonic body five days ago. Therefore, spiritual energy was no longer useful to her.

Jun Xiaomo clutched tightly at her abdomen, subconsciously revisiting that fateful day when the poison ebbed away at her child’s life force bit by bit, until he was nothing more than a pool of blood and water filled with pain, despair and hatred.

After all, this was a person widely persecuted as a Lady Demoness; while the other was a beautiful damsel in distress. Over time, people’s hearts have become completely biased and partial, and they continue to be convinced by their perception of the “facts” presented to them.

Introduction: 《 Coquettish lady boss 》

“Good girl.” He Zhang patted her head, revealing a wide smile that was no different from any other elder who doted on the younger generation.

Luckily, Jun Xiaomo had stumbled – and had even stumbled at her brother’s hands.

She had been too careless. In order to quickly acquire her demonic body, she had absorbed and directed a large amount of demonic energy into her meridians and Dantian, using them to refine and transform her meridians. However, absorbing demonic energy without any suitable and compatible refinement technique was extremely dangerous, as the demonic energy could erupt from within the body at any time. Just like right now!

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