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Power spoiled wife

Power spoiled wife

Author: Yi Qiangyu

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Power spoiled wife 》

Yu Wanrou cut a sorry figure. Jun Xiaomo had gripped her mouth so tightly that she was not even able to say anything to refute Jun Xiaomo.

Bang! Jun Xiaomo slammed shut the door of her room and slid onto the floor.

“Mo-Mo, don’t scare your mother like that. Hurry up and wake up alright?” Liu Qingmei was well-reputed to be a strong and courageous lady. Yet faced with her daughter’s serious injuries, she was unable to keep herself calm and composed. The tears she shed over these past few days far outnumbered the tears she had shed over the past year combined! To make matters worse, her husband had entered closed-door cultivation, and she could only forcefully bear the frustration and pain in her heart alone.

Introduction: 《 Power spoiled wife 》

Therefore, Jun Xiaomo had to be prepared.

“Don’t…don’t act rashly!” Qin Shanshan panicked. “Let me go, and I’ll urge my brother to save you, ok?”

“Hey dear...Mo-Mo, where does it hurt? Tell Mum, alright?” The beautiful lady sat beside the bed watched her daughter. Her eyes were filled with pain and heartache that only mothers know of. She tenderly and patiently wiped off the sweat on Jun Xiaomo’s body with her handkerchief.

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