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Hatano Yui Creampie Passion Series

Hatano Yui Creampie Passion Series

Author: Zhu Yuzhu

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Hatano Yui Creampie Passion Series 》

“Big brother He, Mo-Mo’s injuries seem to have worsened.” Liu Qingmei said with concern, tacitly pleading for help. Her husband was after all in closed-door cultivation, while the Sect Elders were still furious about Jun Xiaomo’s entry into the Sect’s forbidden grounds. The only other person which Liu Qingmei could rely on for help was martial brother He Zhang, who had always been looking out for her.

If others witnessed this scene before their eyes, they would immediately conclude that this sixteen years-old girl must be crazy – for a refinement technique which no one had heard of before, she had not only crippled her own cultivation arts, she had forgone her eighth level of Qi Mastery!

Jun Xiaomo noticed the hidden meaning behind Qin Shanshan’s gaze. Curling her lips, Jun Xiaomo started toying with the Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin between her fingers.

Introduction: 《 Hatano Yui Creampie Passion Series 》

“And this degenerate demon within me…was this really an accident, or was this all part of a carefully thought out plan? If I did not emanate demonic energy, how could Yu Wanrou use the pretext of the righteous duties of an upstanding sect to persecute me?"

Once the demonic energy had sufficiently accumulated, Jun Xiaomo took a deep breath and closed both of her eyes.

As it was right now, she did not have the power to oppose He Zhang. She had no choice but to maintain a cordial attitude with He Zhang so that he would not raise any suspicions about her.

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