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The heroine is Chu Qing

The heroine is Chu Qing

Author: Gongye Anyang

category: campus

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 The heroine is Chu Qing 》

Yes, the energy Jun Xiaomo now operated was demonic energy, not spiritual energy. Even though her body still contained both spiritual and demonic energy, her body had already become a fully-fledged demonic body five days ago. Therefore, spiritual energy was no longer useful to her.

Jun Xiaomo’s hand trembled violently. Her meridians were burning up with such intense pain that she could barely maintain the grip on her brush.

It was still the same person with the same features; yet Qin Shanshan felt that something seemed to be different about Jun Xiaomo.

Introduction: 《 The heroine is Chu Qing 》

For Jun Xiaomo, the odds of her being naturally born with a demonic body is practically zero. This was because her body had absorbed spiritual energy very smoothly before she had turned sixteen years old. It was only after she turned sixteen years-old that her body’s absorption of spiritual energy inexplicably slowed down to the point of stagnation.

“Mo-Mo…” Almost as though she had sensed it, Liu Qingmei leaned over her body, gently caressing her daughter’s hair.

After all, this was a person widely persecuted as a Lady Demoness; while the other was a beautiful damsel in distress. Over time, people’s hearts have become completely biased and partial, and they continue to be convinced by their perception of the “facts” presented to them.

《 The heroine is Chu Qing 》latest chapter

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