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Conan heroine completes the novel

Conan heroine completes the novel

Author: Tumen State Minister

category: Schoolgirl

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Conan heroine completes the novel 》

This time, she had suffered a huge loss at Jun Xiaomo’s hands. No matter what, she was not going to take this lying down.

In her previous life, even after her body was artificially transformed into a demonic body, she ignorantly continued to practice spiritual cultivation. Naturally, her cultivation progress came to a complete halt because her meridians were no longer suitable for the flow of spiritual energy. But now… Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled up with a wry smile, and her eyes gleamed coldly.

“Mo-Mo?” Liu Qingmei was initially about to make way for He Zhang to examine Jun Xiaomo, sensing Jun Xiaomo’s change in disposition, she sat back down.

Introduction: 《 Conan heroine completes the novel 》

She had to check what kind of damage her body had sustained. She remembered that this year was the year where her cultivation speed suddenly slowed down, such that she was no longer even a match for regular martial brothers and sisters. Even when her parents scoured high and low for spirit pills and miracle herbs, they did not seem to have any effect on her. No one could diagnose what the cause of such a change was. In the end, they could only suspect that her talent for cultivation had fallen as a result of the Sect Elders’ punishment.

Jun Xiaomo resisted the urge to smack away He Zhang’s repulsive hand. She slowly shut her eyes and continued to suppress her hatred and disgust for He Zhang.

“Ah?” The merchant was still trying to process what Jun Xiaomo had just said. He had thought that the transaction was lost given how things had panned out.

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