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Heavenly Wealth

Heavenly Wealth

Author: Gong Xichen

category: Romance

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Heavenly Wealth 》

Jun Xiaomo noticed the hidden meaning behind Qin Shanshan’s gaze. Curling her lips, Jun Xiaomo started toying with the Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin between her fingers.

Looking at how Yu Wanrou was slumped by the tree, unconscious, Jun Xiaomo grit her teeth, and decided to give up the idea of killing Yu Wanrou.

As Jun Xiaomo hurriedly stumbled away, a man dressed in white garbs wearing a veiled conical hat [1] emerged from the woods nearby.

Introduction: 《 Heavenly Wealth 》

With Qin Shanshan at the centre, the ground glowed with a red light, revealing a complicated pattern on the floor.

Qin Shanshan: ……

“Haack--!” A crimson jet of blood spurted from Jun Xiaomo’s mouth. An acute wave of pain swept through Jun Xiaomo’s meridians, spreading through her limbs and penetrating her bones and marrows. The throbbing pain shot straight into her head, causing her to black out momentarily, almost collapsing on the floor. Fortunately, Jun Xiaomo managed to hang in there.

《 Heavenly Wealth 》latest chapter

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