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Novels by the heroine Yunniang

Novels by the heroine Yunniang

Author: Zhuge Tielei

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Novels by the heroine Yunniang 》

These “righteous” and “upstanding” sects had attacked Heavenly Peak under the banner of a righteous crusade against the Lady Demoness. However, once they set foot on Heavenly Peak, they seemed to turn into bandits instead – their cultivators began combing through every nook and cranny on Heavenly Peak for medicines, treasures, spiritual equipment, spirit stones and the like. It was as though they had completely forgotten their “business” to begin with.

She had been reborn, and those people whom she cared for are all well and alive in this world, living by her side. Instead of building her life around vengeance, she would do well to protect those around her and create a blissful and safe environment for those whom she cared for.

Introduction: 《 Novels by the heroine Yunniang 》

Half an incense…one incense…after three full incense of time later, the excruciating pain finally subsided. Looking with disgust at the filth now covering her body, Jun Xiaomo quickly soaked herself into her bath filled with water.

At this moment, Jun Xiaomo felt as though her mind were awash with a renewed sense of clarity. As the scenes of her life replayed in her mind, she connected the dots on the little details which she had initially ignored to finally reveal a different narrative of her life. Her emotions ignited with unprecedented hatred.

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