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The beach group exchange trial

The beach group exchange trial

Author: Nanmen Hongjuan

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 The beach group exchange trial 》

Hundreds of miles away, a dignified male cultivator clad in a groom’s attire suddenly collapsed to the floor, yielding up his life.

With absolute focus, Jun Xiaomo completely tuned out the screams ofQin Shanshan and began reciting a string of mnemonics. These mnemonics seemed to carry an ancient, mysterious power with it, causing the red glow of the formation array to intensify.

Introduction: 《 The beach group exchange trial 》

For every item which Jun Xiaomo pointed out, she stretched her hand to touch each of them. This caused Qin Shanshan to tremble uncontrollably – both in humiliation and rage. The commotion here also attracted many onlookers, whose prying eyes seemed to burn a hole through the outer appearances of Qin Shanshan and expose her true rotten core, causing her soul to ignite with fury and embarrassment.

Jun Xiaomo lay on the bed, seemingly trapped in a never-ending nightmare. She desperately struggled to wake up, but to no avail. Her body involuntarily twitched from time to time. Her chest rose and fell violently in tandem with her furious breathing. Large globules of cold sweat constantly beaded up on her glistening forehead, frequently rolling down, percolating the gaps in her hair.

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