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Heroine Marauder No. 26

Heroine Marauder No. 26

Author: Yu Chichen

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Heroine Marauder No. 26 》

After washing herself, Jun Xiaomo clambered back onto her bed and began meditating again.

If she had really fainted there, then perhaps her death would not be out of the question. A person’s heart and Dantian are located in very close proximity. With this blow, Jun Xiaomo had not only shattered her Dantian, she had also inadvertently jolted her heart.

Introduction: 《 Heroine Marauder No. 26 》

Perhaps it was because she hadn’t spoken for such a long time, but her voice sounded extremely hoarse, like the grinding of gravel on the floor.

“Mo-Mo?” Liu Qingmei was initially about to make way for He Zhang to examine Jun Xiaomo, sensing Jun Xiaomo’s change in disposition, she sat back down.

《 Heroine Marauder No. 26 》latest chapter

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