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Starlight Path of Rebirth

Starlight Path of Rebirth

Author: Tai Shi Xiyun

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Starlight Path of Rebirth 》

“Ah--? Regard for fellow disciples and friendship?” Jun Xiaomo looked as though she had just thought of something hilarious. Stifling a cold chuckle, she stared at Qin Shanshan and asked slowly, “Qin Shanshan, back when you instigated me to enter the Sect’s forbidden ground, what regard did you have for your “fellow disciple”? When I got punished by the Sect Elders and lay completely bedridden, what regard did you have for our friendship? When you stabbed me in the back under the guise of cordiality, what regard did you have for our relationship? Don’t you think that the ‘regard’ you have is completely and utterly laughable?!”

In truth, Jun Xiaomo did not know that Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu had already been having an affair. Her previous question was more probative than accusative. Yet, after seeing Yu Wanrou’s reactions, how could she still be unaware of what had happened?

“Who is she…?” Jun Xiaomo hoarsely uttered. “She”, in this case, naturally referred to who the bride was – Qin Shanshan’s new sister-in-law.

Introduction: 《 Starlight Path of Rebirth 》

Jun Xiaomo obeyed, stretching out her hand. He Zhang firmly placed three fingers on Jun Xiaomo’s wrist and swiftly sent a thread of spiritual energy throughout her body, gently probing at her meridians.

“Are you crying again?” It dawned on Liu Qingmei that her daughter seemed to have turned into a little crying cat after awakening from her slumber, shedding tears at the smallest of things. Even though this mischievous daughter had shattered her heart time and again, yet she could not help but feel some sourness in her heart seeing her daughter silently shedding tears before her eyes.

After fleeing for her life for decades and then spending more than three hundred days in that dark and dank dungeon, Jun Xiaomo had almost forgotten the carefree feeling of casually browsing at the markets. Jun Xiaomo took in sights and sounds before her. The dazzling array of goods on display at each booth. The merchants dressed in various bright-coloured garments – some standing behind their booths, while others sat lazily waiting for their next customer. Some merchants yelled loudly to promote their products, while others found themselves haggling with difficult customers. The hubbub of the bustling market brought a wide smile to Jun Xiaomo’s face.

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