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Rebirth in the last days

Rebirth in the last days

Author: Chapter Yuchi

category: Martial arts

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Rebirth in the last days 》

Jun Xiaomo clutched tightly at her abdomen, subconsciously revisiting that fateful day when the poison ebbed away at her child’s life force bit by bit, until he was nothing more than a pool of blood and water filled with pain, despair and hatred.

“Now, now, why are you acting like a three year-old girl throwing a tantrum?” Liu Qingmei chuckled as she gently and playfully tapped on Jun Xiaomo’s forehead.

Introduction: 《 Rebirth in the last days 》

Yu Wanrou clutched her chest which was throbbing with pain from her injuries, yet she could not help but smirk smugly to herself.

Jun Xiaomo immediately retrieved from her Interspatial Ring a medicinal pill to protect her heart and swallowed it. At the same time, she continued to drive the demonic energy around her body so that both demonic and spiritual energies within her body would dissipate more quickly and accelerate the process of crippling her own energy arts.

《 Rebirth in the last days 》latest chapter

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