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Author: Tai Shu Jiyong

category: Romance

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Hanguang 》

Jun Xiaomo lay on the bed, seemingly trapped in a never-ending nightmare. She desperately struggled to wake up, but to no avail. Her body involuntarily twitched from time to time. Her chest rose and fell violently in tandem with her furious breathing. Large globules of cold sweat constantly beaded up on her glistening forehead, frequently rolling down, percolating the gaps in her hair.

“Who is she…?” Jun Xiaomo hoarsely uttered. “She”, in this case, naturally referred to who the bride was – Qin Shanshan’s new sister-in-law.

With a resolute fixation on recovering and establishing a stable foundation for her cultivation, Jun Xiaomo had closed herself off to all visitors so that no one would be able to disturb her.

Introduction: 《 Hanguang 》

As the captive woman’s disheveled hair parted involuntarily, one could see that her face was completely covered in horrific scars. Worse, there were two deep, dark holes where one’s eyes would normally be.

“It seems that Mo-Mo is really hungry. Mother is going to make food for you now.” Liu Qingmei stood up. This time, Jun Xiaomo did not keep her any further.

The vivid image of Ye Xiuwen lying in a pool of blood flashed across Jun Xiaomo’s mind, as though it were something that happened in recent memory. This was one of her past life’s greatest regrets and also turned out to be one of the greatest stumbling blocks in the path of her cultivation.

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