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Author: Han Xuan Xuan

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Jinlingdong 》

“Mum~~” Jun Xiaomo buried her head into Liu Qingmei’s shoulders, clutching onto her clothes tightly.

Before Jun Xiaomo was finished, she suddenly took a step forward. Qin Shanshan took a step back in fear, only to find herself caught by Jun Xiaomo by her sleeves.

Introduction: 《 Jinlingdong 》

“Ai—These Sect Elders have been a little too heavy-handed with their punishment.” He Zhang sighed as he spoke. “Xiaomo’s meridians have been damaged. If we don’t treat it properly, I’m afraid it might affect her cultivation in future.”

However, the very same demonic energy also turned out to be her greatest source of strength. It can be said that she had walked further on the path of demonic cultivation than most others in her generation, even attracting the envious gazes of cultivators of a higher cultivation level than her.

《 Jinlingdong 》latest chapter

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