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Yui Hatano Movie

Yui Hatano Movie

Author: Gong Yang Hongjuan

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Yui Hatano Movie 》

What exactly happened to Mo-Mo in the forbidden grounds? Whilst Liu Qingmei gently stroked Jun Xiaomo’s back, she slightly raised her eyebrows.

It did not matter if she was being persecuted; but she absolutely did not want to implicate her parents or her martial brothers and sisters at Heavenly Peak.

Sandalwood furniture, lilac veils, and a young…mother.

Introduction: 《 Yui Hatano Movie 》

Sandalwood furniture, lilac veils, and a young…mother.

Glancing at the ragged figure, the visitor’s eyes revealed a glimmer of both elation and derision. She promptly walked over to the other side of the dungeon. With a condescending and malicious smile plastered on her face, the visitor lifted the chin of the ragged lady with the tip of her shoe.

“Ah?” The merchant was still trying to process what Jun Xiaomo had just said. He had thought that the transaction was lost given how things had panned out.

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