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Feng Yin Novel

Feng Yin Novel

Author: Fang Jiabao

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Feng Yin Novel 》

Perhaps it might have been safer if Jun Xiaomo crippled her cultivation only after her roiling demonic energy had subsided. But time was not on her side. Yu Wanrou had seen that demonic, red glow in her eyes. If Yu Wanrou wakes up and reports this to the Sect Elders, she was bound to embellish the facts and make a mountain of a molehill about this.

Jun Xiaomo obeyed, stretching out her hand. He Zhang firmly placed three fingers on Jun Xiaomo’s wrist and swiftly sent a thread of spiritual energy throughout her body, gently probing at her meridians.

Introduction: 《 Feng Yin Novel 》

Despite knowing for certain that Jun Xiaomo’s spiritual root had been crippled and her nascent soul had been crushed, something about Jun Xiaomo still made Qin Shanshan’s hair stand on end.

Apart from her eyes mildly reddened rims, there was no other trace of Jun Xiaomo’s earlier emotional outburst.

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