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Novel Heroine Linxia

Novel Heroine Linxia

Author: Like Jingya

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Novel Heroine Linxia 》

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes grew cold with hatred, and her breathing grew in intensity. Look! Look at the true nature of the “sister-in-law” I had spent all my past life trying to please!

“Alright, Mum is going to make you some porridge now.” Liu Qingmei caressed Jun Xiaomo’s hair. As she attempted to stand up, she realized that Jun Xiaomo had tightened her embrace and was even rubbing her head in her mother’s bosom.

After the massacre at Heavenly Peak, Ye Xiuwen managed to escape with Jun Xiaomo, falling from the grace of a glorified Peakmaster to that of a persecuted fugitive charged with sheltering a Lady Demoness.

Introduction: 《 Novel Heroine Linxia 》

“Mum~~! I’m sorry~!” Jun Xiaomo hadn’t forgotten how her parents had died, nor did she forget how her entire Peak was annihilated.

She panicked and was gripped by a sense of abject fear. She did not want to die!

For Jun Xiaomo, the odds of her being naturally born with a demonic body is practically zero. This was because her body had absorbed spiritual energy very smoothly before she had turned sixteen years old. It was only after she turned sixteen years-old that her body’s absorption of spiritual energy inexplicably slowed down to the point of stagnation.

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