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Falling from the heroine

Falling from the heroine

Author: Wei Feinan

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Falling from the heroine 》

With absolute focus, Jun Xiaomo completely tuned out the screams ofQin Shanshan and began reciting a string of mnemonics. These mnemonics seemed to carry an ancient, mysterious power with it, causing the red glow of the formation array to intensify.

Qin Lingyu, I bet you never would have imagined that I would use such a method to finally bring mutual destruction to both of us.

Introduction: 《 Falling from the heroine 》

“Ah--? Regard for fellow disciples and friendship?” Jun Xiaomo looked as though she had just thought of something hilarious. Stifling a cold chuckle, she stared at Qin Shanshan and asked slowly, “Qin Shanshan, back when you instigated me to enter the Sect’s forbidden ground, what regard did you have for your “fellow disciple”? When I got punished by the Sect Elders and lay completely bedridden, what regard did you have for our friendship? When you stabbed me in the back under the guise of cordiality, what regard did you have for our relationship? Don’t you think that the ‘regard’ you have is completely and utterly laughable?!”

As Jun Xiaomo hurriedly stumbled away, a man dressed in white garbs wearing a veiled conical hat [1] emerged from the woods nearby.

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