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Author: Uya Jiazi

category: Online games

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latest update 2021-07-26

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Qin Shanshan knew that the merchant was not lying. However, she only gets ten mid-grade spirit stones a month. She could not bring herself to fork out two pieces just to buy a hairpin.

In this realm of cultivation, achieving the eighth level of Qi Mastery at the tender age of sixteen years was no mean feat. Yet, now that she was faced with the prospects of giving it all up, it seemed to be quite the waste. Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo had never heard anyone in this cultivation world talk about or even mention this Nineform Spirituo-Demonic Refinement Technique, and it was impossible to gauge whether it was a tried and tested technique or otherwise. Unfortunately, apart from Jun Xiaomo herself, there seemed to be no other person qualified to practice such a refinement technique. At least, not after searching through the memories of her past life.

Disregarding the things of the past, Jun Xiaomo hated when people schemed against her! Perhaps Yu Wanrou was young or inexperienced and did not conceal it well, but that glint in her eye told Jun Xiaomo everything she needed to know about Yu Wanrou’s scheming nature.

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At this moment, blood dripped from Jun Xiaomo’s fingertips onto the floor, melding directly into the copious amounts of already dried blood on the floor.

Jun Xiaomo then had become dazed and muddleheaded because of the series of psychological blows to her, from the death of her parents to the massacre of Heavenly Peak. If not for Ye Xiuwen’s constant protection, she would long have perished under the hand of these “righteous” and “upstanding” sects.

Jun Xiaomo clutched tightly at her abdomen, subconsciously revisiting that fateful day when the poison ebbed away at her child’s life force bit by bit, until he was nothing more than a pool of blood and water filled with pain, despair and hatred.

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