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Women like to be videos

Women like to be videos

Author: Zong Zhengjian

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Women like to be videos 》

Consequently, she found an anomaly – her body was actually absorbing demonic energy?!

Qin Shanshan had always maintained a good reputation. Therefore, as Jun Xiaomo publicly revealed her ungrateful and covetous nature, she inadvertently also tore of Qin Shanshan’s mask and trampled her reputation underfoot. To Qin Shanshan, this was much more painful than if she had been physically beaten up.

Looking at how Yu Wanrou was slumped by the tree, unconscious, Jun Xiaomo grit her teeth, and decided to give up the idea of killing Yu Wanrou.

Introduction: 《 Women like to be videos 》

Jun Xiaomo resented herself for stooping so low in her past life. But, who else could she blame for her inability to discern Qin Shanshan’s true nature?

With a resolute fixation on recovering and establishing a stable foundation for her cultivation, Jun Xiaomo had closed herself off to all visitors so that no one would be able to disturb her.


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