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Rebirth and Dream

Rebirth and Dream

Author: Qingbinglan

category: Schoolgirl

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Rebirth and Dream 》

The present Jun Xiaomo was not able to take Qin Shanshan’s life. However, she certainly did not intend to give in at all. She stared right back at Qin Shanshan with a fierce glare. Qin Shanshan even reflexively took one step back.

“Damn it!” The demonic energy in Jun Xiaomo’s body roiled even more. She knew that if she did not quickly take up countermeasures, the demonic energy in her body would erupt, and the disaster which resulted in the massacre of Heavenly Peak in her previous life might occur even earlier this time.

“I…I…” Yu Wanrou stuttered. Her eyes quivered evasively – a sign of her guilty conscience.

Introduction: 《 Rebirth and Dream 》

He Zhang retrieved a jade bottle from his apparel, offered it to Liu Qingmei and said, “I happened to obtain this bottle of Sagely Recovery Pills. Give Mo-Mo one pill a day. These are very effective for repairing and restoring meridians.”

After catching her breath, she hurriedly retrieved some talisman paper and cinnabar-ink [1] from her Interspatial Ring, haphazardly strewn them on the floor, and immediately started drawing an array on the talisman.

Martial brother Ye?! Even though it was only a glimpse, there was no way Jun Xiaomo would not recognize that familiar figure. Tears involuntarily welled up in her eyes, and Jun Xiaomo sped after that figure without hesitation.

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