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Entrance of Chunyi Cinema

Entrance of Chunyi Cinema

Author: Jia Gu Wenchao

category: Romance

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Entrance of Chunyi Cinema 》

In other words, the logic of the world dictated that if Jun Xiaomo’s body contained demonic energy, she was a demonic cultivator and deserved to die.

Unexpectedly, after waving the hairpin in front of Qin Shanshan, Jun Xiaomo proceeded to keep the hairpin in her own Interspatial Ring.

Since some people decided to ‘bestow’ upon her an acquired demonic body, Jun Xiaomo would have to gladly accept their goodwill!

Introduction: 《 Entrance of Chunyi Cinema 》

Very good, Yu Wanrou! Very good, Qin Lingyu!

Even though the recovery process would be much more painful, the upside was that it vastly shortened the recovery time.

Hearing this, the merchant got a little bit anxious, “Miss cultivator, my prices are very fair. If you would just take a closer look the colour and style of this hairpin – the quality raw materials used here have already cost me one mid-grade spirit stone. My profit-margin is really not much.”

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