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Xianfu Yongxiang

Xianfu Yongxiang

Author: Zhu Yong

category: Schoolgirl

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Xianfu Yongxiang 》

Jun Xiaomo eyes flashed with a chilling glow. Instantly, a palm thrusted out towards Yu Wanrou and hit her squarely on her chest. The impact from that blow caused Yu Wanrou to fly back, slamming into a tree. A spurt of blood sprayed from her mouth, and Yu Wanrou went unconscious.

Qin Shanshan knew that the merchant was not lying. However, she only gets ten mid-grade spirit stones a month. She could not bring herself to fork out two pieces just to buy a hairpin.

Jun Xiaomo smiled with relief, and slowly shut her eyes.

Introduction: 《 Xianfu Yongxiang 》

After hearing the sound of the door closing and confirming that Liu Qingmei was still around, Jun Xiaomo finally relaxed herself.

Yu Wanrou was a lady rescued by Qin Lingyu on one of his missions outside the Sect. When she first arrived back in the Sect, Yu Wanrou was dark and thin like a shriveled beansprout. Naturally, no one paid much attention to her then. Afterwards, an elder from Pill Cauldron Peak discovered that Yu Wanrou’s talent was quite decent and decided to take her in under his wings. From then on, she officially became the martial sister of Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo.

“Qin Lingyu never told me that the child was not his.”

《 Xianfu Yongxiang 》latest chapter

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