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White pawn

White pawn

Author: Yan Bingshen

category: other

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 White pawn 》

To be honest, Jun Xiaomo had never understood why in her past life the highly eligible male cultivators surrounding Yu Wanrou would condone her polygamous behavior. Let’s not talk about whether this was true love to begin with. All men are selfish. If they indeed loved Yu Wanrou more than their own life, then how did they manage to repress their selfish desires and resist the urge to tear each other from limb to limb? Not only that, they even managed to live together harmoniously!

Even if a conflict arose, she would always ensure that she came out on top, and that other would always find fault to belie Jun Xiaomo, not her. Since young, Jun Xiaomo had always been sheltered and pampered by her parents and martial brothers, and naturally developed a fearless, unruly and headstrong temperament. Therefore, it was not a difficult thing to make others place the blame on Jun Xiaomo in any situation.

After receiving punishment from the Sect Elders in her previous life, she had remained comatose for a much longer time and nearly even succumbed to her injuries then. It was only after He Zhang gave Liu Qingmei a similar type of medication to be fed to Jun Xiaomo that she began to recover.

Introduction: 《 White pawn 》

If others witnessed this scene before their eyes, they would immediately conclude that this sixteen years-old girl must be crazy – for a refinement technique which no one had heard of before, she had not only crippled her own cultivation arts, she had forgone her eighth level of Qi Mastery!

“Good girl.” He Zhang patted her head, revealing a wide smile that was no different from any other elder who doted on the younger generation.

Perhaps He Zhang was somehow involved in instigating her to enter the Sect’s forbidden grounds. Otherwise, how would one explain the mysterious origins of the demonic energy in her body?

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