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Play online Ryoko Murakami

Play online Ryoko Murakami

Author: Basing

category: Online games

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Play online Ryoko Murakami 》

The Jun Xiaomo now looked as though she were once again heavily wounded. Her face was sickly pale colour, while crimson red blood oozed out of the corner of her mouth. The stark contrast of these colours was chilling.

Jun Xiaomo picked up the hairpin and waved it in front of Qin Shanshan. The beads on the hairpin clacked against each other, emitting a crisp sound pleasant to the ear.

“Thank you, martial brother.” Liu Qingmei tightly gripped the jade bottle in her hands. She lifted her head to He Zhang and said, “Once Linxuan returns from his closed-door cultivation, I will definitely get him to thank you properly.”

Introduction: 《 Play online Ryoko Murakami 》

Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled, evoking a cold smile as she said slowly, “Qin Shanshan, tell me. If you don’t have any mid-grade spirit stones, how do you intend to buy this hairpin, huh?”

Jun Xiaomo had not slept so peacefully in a long, long time.

Indeed, one can only hope that they have enough good fortune to experience this Lady Demoness’s formidable and fearsome vengeance.

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