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Author: Chun Qingyi

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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“What do you mean?” Jun Xiaomo lifted her head. Even though Jun Xiaomo was left with empty eye sockets, Qin Shanshan could nevertheless see the shocked expression on her face. Jun Xiaomo looked completely stunned.

Once the demonic energy had sufficiently accumulated, Jun Xiaomo took a deep breath and closed both of her eyes.

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Jun Xiaomo knew full well that the inception of her tragic past life was exactly the existence of demonic energy within her body. Overnight, she was castigated and excommunicated from the Sect, and even persecuted by righteous, upstanding sects.

The present Yu Wanrou was still a largely insignificant female cultivator in the Sect. Whether it was her talent or her background, she was nothing compared to Jun Xiaomo. Therefore, she was always careful with every step that she took, particularly when it came to Jun Xiaomo.

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