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Mr. Yin Yang

Mr. Yin Yang

Author: Huangfu Nianhuai

category: terror

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Mr. Yin Yang 》

“Haa-? ‘Our’ child? Who do you mean? You and my brother? You better not implicate my brother with that vile spawn of yours.” Qin Shanshan smugly looked at Jun Xiaomo’s despondence, remarking with extraordinarily vicious words.

Presently, the light-purple hairpin emitted a faint glow of light, making the cheeks of the fifteen years-old lady even more radiant. The resulting radiance even caused the beads on Qin Shanshan’s clothes to shimmer with light, completing a royal, resplendent look.

Introduction: 《 Mr. Yin Yang 》

Glancing at the ragged figure, the visitor’s eyes revealed a glimmer of both elation and derision. She promptly walked over to the other side of the dungeon. With a condescending and malicious smile plastered on her face, the visitor lifted the chin of the ragged lady with the tip of her shoe.

“Of course not! Why would he tell you this and strain your relationship before he could extract every last bit of value from you?”

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