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Buddhism heroine romance

Buddhism heroine romance

Author: Hu Yan Aitao

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Buddhism heroine romance 》

“Mum, am I dead?” Jun Xiaomo asked with a bitter smile on her lips. No matter what, having had the opportunity to see her mother one last time before being reincarnated, Jun Xiaomo was very satisfied.

“Don’t…don’t act rashly!” Qin Shanshan panicked. “Let me go, and I’ll urge my brother to save you, ok?”

Introduction: 《 Buddhism heroine romance 》

If other people were present, they would surely be given the impression that Jun Xiaomo was bullying Yu Wanrou. In truth, Jun Xiaomo had not even said a single thing.

Jun Xiaomo’s hand trembled violently. Her meridians were burning up with such intense pain that she could barely maintain the grip on her brush.

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