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Cecilia Cheung Body

Cecilia Cheung Body

Author: Fucha Plucking

category: Martial arts

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Cecilia Cheung Body 》

After all, Qin Shanshan knew how infatuated Jun Xiaomo was with her brother – Jun Xiaomo would do anything for him, even give herself up! Qin Shanshan casually sauntered up to Jun Xiaomo side. As she approached, the object Jun Xiaomo was holding onto caught her eyes, and her eyes shone with delight.

A trace of complexity shone in Qin Shanshan’s eyes. Indeed, compared to Yu Wanrou, Jun Xiaomo was a hundred, no, a thousand or even ten thousand times better.

Watching her mother leave, Jun Xiaomo gently waved her hands and caused the doors of the room to close.

Introduction: 《 Cecilia Cheung Body 》

“Sister Xiaomo, do you think this hairpin is worth two mid-grade spirit stones?” Seeing that her earlier statement had drawn no reaction from Jun Xiaomo, Qin Shanshan hinted to her again.

“You…What are you doing?!” Qin Shanshan’s legs looked as though they were frozen solid, immovable and devoid of any feeling and senses.

“Then whose child is it?”

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