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The heroine is a widow np

The heroine is a widow np

Author: Narcissus

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 The heroine is a widow np 》

Therefore, Qin Shanshan was always deeply envious – even jealous – of Jun Xiaomo. She felt that Jun Xiaomo was not outstanding or deserving in any way. She was simply fortunate enough to have been born into the right family.

Forbidden grounds? Jun Xiaomo knitted her eyebrows, her pale lips stretching out into a thin line.

“Okay. Lie down a rest for a little while then. You can have the porridge later.” Liu Qingmei reassured Jun Xiaomo with a gentle tap on her body, before helping her lie down on her bed.

Introduction: 《 The heroine is a widow np 》

In her past life, when she had first acquired her demonic body, she did not have any suitable refinement method to control the demonic energy within her body. As a result, the unbridled demonic energy would erupt from her body from time to time, bursting through her meridians and sending waves of intense pain coursing throughout her entire body. And when Yu Wanrou and her lackeys murdered her child and crippled her spiritual root, compared with the eruption of demonic energy, the pain she experienced then was far greater by a magnitude of a hundred – even a thousand times!

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Jun Xiaomo almost couldn’t hide the killing intent swelling from depths of her heart!

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