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Lijing Yidao

Lijing Yidao

Author: Nalari

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Lijing Yidao 》

Could there be anyone lower than her?

Hearing the voice of the visitor, the lady on the ground finally moved. Her cracked lips quivered, asking, “Qin Shanshan, how’s your brother?”

Introduction: 《 Lijing Yidao 》

What exactly happened to Mo-Mo in the forbidden grounds? Whilst Liu Qingmei gently stroked Jun Xiaomo’s back, she slightly raised her eyebrows.

Actually, if not for the fact that Yu Wanrou and her lackeys had harmed Jun Xiaomo’s child in her previous life, Jun Xiaomo would not have developed such resentment for Yu Wanrou – even if Yu Wanrou did become Qin Lingyu’s wife.

《 Lijing Yidao 》latest chapter

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