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God seal

God seal

Author: Wan Yan Wenting

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 God seal 》

Her consciousness slowly but surely returned to the present, and she found her ears ringing with a high-pitched noise. Jun Xiaomo tried shaking her head to dispel the noise, only to realize that her head felt heavy as though it were made of lead.

But did they truly deserve it? The fact was that Jun Xiaomo had never harmed a single person before the Heavenly Peak massacre! Apart from the demonic energy within her body, she had never done anything evil deserving of such judgment.

If Qin Lingyu were akin to a pawn in the events resulting in the annihilation of her family and her Peak, then He Zhang could only be described as the mastermind behind it all!

Introduction: 《 God seal 》

About half an incense of time later, Jun Xiaomo’s pain had slightly receded. Completely drenched in cold sweat, Jun Xiaomo painstakingly clambered up and sat down cross-legged, setting her palms facing up on her knees, closed her eyes, and entered into a meditation posture.

Jun Xiaomo suddenly took a step forward towards Yu Wanrou. Before she could react, Jun Xiaomo grabbed Yu Wanrou’s chin and forcefully lifted her head.

Jun Xiaomo swiftly pulled back her long, slender fingers, tightly securing the Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin in her grasp.

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