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Little Japan av

Little Japan av

Author: Du Jisi

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Little Japan av 》

A month passed by in the blink of an eye. Within this last month, Jun Xiaomo practically lived in seclusion. Apart from the necessities of eating and sleeping, her life comprised only of taking her medicine and meditation. She even turned down offers to visit her, including offers made by the enemies of her previous life.

Yu Wanrou knew that Qin Lingyu was a man with great ambitions. If their relationship were to get in the way of his ambitions, there was no doubt that he would abandon the relationship first. For this reason, Yu Wanrou had always been very careful not to overstep boundaries when interacting with Qin Lingyu, lest she rouses Jun Xiaomo’s suspicions.

Introduction: 《 Little Japan av 》

This bout of what can almost be described as self-abuse lasted for six whole hours. Once Jun Xiaomo’s original cultivation was completely depleted, and her Dantian and meridians were absolutely damaged beyond repair, Jun Xiaomo finally crumpled onto the bed, promptly stuffing a few medicinal pills into her mouth.

After pausing for a while, he sighed, made a few seals with his hands and cast the spell onto Yu Wanrou’s body.

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