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Best lover

Best lover

Author: Lonely Snow

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Best lover 》

The preamble of the Nineform Spirituo-Demonic Refinement Technique required the practitioner to cripple his own existing cultivation.

She regretted it all. She truly regretted it all. She should never have and stolen her brother’s jade token to enter the dungeon to bluster in front of Jun Xiaomo.

How do I intend to buy it? Of course I’m expecting my future sister-in-law to buy it for me!

Introduction: 《 Best lover 》

Only, what was the use of this? The person that her brother loved was Yu Wanrou, so no matter how much Jun Xiaomo did, her brother would not appreciate any of it.

She had never been afraid of such pain.

“Cough cough cough…” Yu Wanrou’s injuries were very serious. The little energy she expended on her thoughts caused her to cough out even more blood.

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