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The Bourne

The Bourne

Author: Hard yuan green

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 The Bourne 》

Jun Xiaomo was not aware of the matters which took place in the woods after she had left. At this moment, Jun Xiaomo was sprinting back to Heavenly Peak with only one thought in her mind – faster! Faster!

Jun Xiaomo was still fully immersed in the moment of death where her life force was torn from her body at the dungeon. She had thought that the formation array was incomplete, and she was simply waiting for death’s arrival. However, the cool, otherworldly sensation on her hand suggested to her that things were not as they seemed.

Since some people decided to ‘bestow’ upon her an acquired demonic body, Jun Xiaomo would have to gladly accept their goodwill!

Introduction: 《 The Bourne 》

“Hehe…what are you trying to do?” Jun Xiaomo invoked the residual spiritual energy within her body, firmly pressing her blood-stained palm to the floor.

The words “Jun Xiaomo” were synonymous with “terrifying”, “bloodthirsty” and “Lady Demoness”, causing people to instinctually retreat in fear, while “Yu Wanrou” would be the exact converse. Almost all the male cultivators were willing to throw themselves at Yu Wanrou with the hope of becoming her partner.

“Big brother He, Mo-Mo’s injuries seem to have worsened.” Liu Qingmei said with concern, tacitly pleading for help. Her husband was after all in closed-door cultivation, while the Sect Elders were still furious about Jun Xiaomo’s entry into the Sect’s forbidden grounds. The only other person which Liu Qingmei could rely on for help was martial brother He Zhang, who had always been looking out for her.

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