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Pretend to be a schoolmaster

Pretend to be a schoolmaster

Author: Xian Yu Shengchao

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Pretend to be a schoolmaster 》

Having been exposed by Jun Xiaomo, Qin Shanshan no longer concealed it. Cognizant of the feelings Jun Xiaomo had for her brother, she unabashedly said with renewed confidence, “I’m only borrowing two mid-grade spirit stones from you to buy this hairpin! Your father is a Peakmaster; this little bit of money is nothing to you at all. We are fellow disciples from the same Sect! Do you even have any regard for our friendship?!”

The icy floor of the dungeon was strewn with serpentine streaks of dried blood. The scene was completely stifling and blood-curdling.

He Zhang felt that the interactions of this mother-daughter duo were rather irksome. Seeing how Liu Qingmei was fawning over her daughter, she had clearly relegated him to the back of her mind. Evidently, he was not going to get any more of Liu Qingmei’s attention that he so desired.

Introduction: 《 Pretend to be a schoolmaster 》

The present Jun Xiaomo was not able to take Qin Shanshan’s life. However, she certainly did not intend to give in at all. She stared right back at Qin Shanshan with a fierce glare. Qin Shanshan even reflexively took one step back.

Could there be anyone lower than her?

“What happened to Mo-Mo?” A low voice rang from outside. Immediately after that, a tall figure strode into the room.

《 Pretend to be a schoolmaster 》latest chapter

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