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Fu Ye Shen Nuo Xiaoying

Fu Ye Shen Nuo Xiaoying

Author: Duan Ganjiajie

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Fu Ye Shen Nuo Xiaoying 》

“Don’t…don’t act rashly!” Qin Shanshan panicked. “Let me go, and I’ll urge my brother to save you, ok?”

Jun Xiaomo smiled to herself in a self-deprecating manner. She should have known better – who could resist the charms of Yu Wanrou?

Introduction: 《 Fu Ye Shen Nuo Xiaoying 》

“Jun…Xiao…Mo!” Yu Wanrou gritted her teeth as she uttered these three words. Even though she usually appeared to be weak, that was merely false pretenses carefully devised to attract the sympathy and pity of others. Deep down, Yu Wanrou was in fact a very calculative and vindictive person.

Jun Xiaomo’s silence caused Qin Shanshan to feel bored. After all, since they were both young, Jun Xiaomo had always been better than her – birthright, looks, talent, and even cultivation! Qin Shanshan couldn’t accept it. However, under her brother Qin Lingyu’s orders, Qin Shanshan had no choice but to remain cordial and feign civility with Jun Xiaomo.

《 Fu Ye Shen Nuo Xiaoying 》latest chapter

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