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Author: Sang Yunxin

category: Online games

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 1090tv 》

Perhaps her acquisition of a demonic body was artificially caused by someone’s meddlesome orchestration and schemes. Jun Xiaomo’s eyes flashed coldly. She had a few suspects in mind, but she was not able to say with any certainty.

In her past life, when she had first acquired her demonic body, she did not have any suitable refinement method to control the demonic energy within her body. As a result, the unbridled demonic energy would erupt from her body from time to time, bursting through her meridians and sending waves of intense pain coursing throughout her entire body. And when Yu Wanrou and her lackeys murdered her child and crippled her spiritual root, compared with the eruption of demonic energy, the pain she experienced then was far greater by a magnitude of a hundred – even a thousand times!

“Chichichi-- you’re so pitiful…so pitiful. The dreadful and formidable Lady Demoness actually finds herself in such a pitiable predicament,” the visitor remarked. Not only did the tone of her voice carry no trace of pity, she obviously took pleasure in the scene before her.

Introduction: 《 1090tv 》

He Zhang was the elder martial brother of both Liu Qingmei and Jun Linxuan, and also the Sect Leader of Dawn Sect. Qin Lingyu was one of his best disciples.

Ahh…it hurts… The bones of her entire body felt as though they had been shattered. She couldn’t even lift one finger.

However, the moment Yu Wanrou opened the bottle, a thick layer of spiritual energy wafted out, causing anyone who inhaled it to feel extremely comfortable.

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